BW Admin Command Line Error Codes

BWAdmin Command Line Error Codes

Error Codes

Error Message

Error Resolution

TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-300001 BusinessWorks is already running.
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-300005 No match found for [{0}].
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-300006 Found matches:
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-300007 Restore completed.
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-300008 Backup completed.
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-300009 Backup failed, <CausedBy> {0}
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-300010 Registered TEA Agent [{0}] with TEA Server.
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-300030 Restored Agent [{0}]
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-300031 Backed up Agent [{0}]
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-300100 Domain [{0}] created.
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-300101 BWAgent [{0}] registered in Domain [{1}].
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-300102 Domain [{0}] was deleted.
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-300130 Restored Domain [{0}]
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-300131 Backed up Domain [{0}]
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-300132 BWAgent [{0}] unregistered from the AppSpace [{1}]. The AppSpace is removed from remote machine.
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-300200 AppSpace [{0}] in Domain [{1}] created.
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-300201 AppSpace [{0}] in Domain [{1}] removed.
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-300202 Machine [{0}] added to AppSpace [{1}], Domain [{2}].
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-300203 AppSpace [{0}] in Domain [{1}] started.
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-300204 AppSpace [{0}] in Domain [{1}] stopped.
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-300205 AppSpace [{0}] expanded to BWAgent [{1}] in Domain [{2}].
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-300206 AppSpace [{0}] in Domain [{1}] deleted.
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-300230 Restored AppSpace [{0}]
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-300231 Backed up AppSpace [{0}]
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-300300 AppNode [{0}] in AppSpace [{1}], Domain [{2}] created.
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-300301 AppNode [{0}] in Domain [{1}] deleted.
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-300302 AppNode [{0}] in AppSpace [{1}], Domain [{2}] started.
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-300303 AppNode [{0}] in Domain [{1}] stopped.
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-300304 Console enabled for AppNode [{0}] in Domain [{1}].
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-300305 Console disabled for AppNode [{0}] in Domain [{1}].
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-300306 Debugger disabled for AppNode [{0}] in AppSpace [{1}] in Domain [{2}]
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-300330 Restored AppNode [{0}]
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-300331 Backed up AppNode [{0}]
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-300304 Stats enabled for AppNode [{0}] in Domain [{1}].
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-300400 The application [{0}:{1}] created successfully.
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-300401 The application [{0}:{1}] deleted successfully.
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-300402 The application [{0}:{1}] updated successfully.
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-300403 Deployed application [{0}:{1}].
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-300404 Undeployed application [{0}:{1}].
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-300405 The application [{0}:{1}] started.
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-300406 The application [{0}:{1}] stopped.
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-300407 Hotfix for application [{0}:{1}] deployed.
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-300408 Hotfix for application [{0}:{1}] undeployed.
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-300409 Deleted archive [{0}].
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-300410 Uploaded archive [{0}].
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-300411 Configured Application [{0}:{1}]
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-300412 Exported profile [{0}] from the Archive [{1}].
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-300413 Exported configuration from Application [{0}:{1}].
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-300414 Thread dump obtained.
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-300415 The application [{0}:{1}] paused.
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-300416 The application [{0}:{1}] resumed.
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-300417 The application [{0}:{1}] deployed and started.
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-300418 Stopped process starters of Application [{0}:{1}]
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-300419 Started process starters of Application [{0}:{1}]
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-300420 Agent log file obtained.
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-300421 AppNode log file obtained.
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-300420 Restored Application [{0}].
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-300430 Restored Application [{0}] on Agent [{1}]
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-300431 Backed up Application [{0}]
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-300432 Deployed application [{0}:{1}], The AppSpace [{2}] does not have any AppNodes.
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-300433 An application is already deployed with archive [{0}].
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-300434 Deleted BWAgent [{0}].
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-300631 Enabled debug port [{0}] on AppNode [{1}] in AppSpace [{2}] in Domain [{3}]
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-300630 Restored Archive [{0}]
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-400010 Make sure to change the {0} setting in the {1} file. The newer version of the product does not work with the data of an installation from a previous version. Adjust the setting in the indicated file to the current installation.
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-500001 Failed to perform operation [{0}] on [{1}] in the Domain [{2}] due to an error in initializing data manager, {3}
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-500002 Error while checking if the Entity [{0}] is present in the Domain [{1}], {2}
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-500003 The BW Agent [{0}] on the target Machine is not running
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-500004 Error invoking {0} method on the remote agent [{1}], {2}
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-500005 Error occurred while uploading the ear file into data store, {0}
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-500006 Failed to initialize transport, {0}
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-500007 Unsupported entity {0}
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-500008 Failed to perform operation [{0}] due to an error in initializing data manager, {1}
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-500009 Failed to write to file [{0}]
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-500010 Execution of this command is not supported in admin mode ‘local’.
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-500011 Please provide the agent name.
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-500030 No matching Agent found
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-500031 Invalid value for mandatory entity argument. Valid argument values are domain, appspace, appnode, and application.
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-500040 The {0} command without any argument is only supported in interactive console mode.
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-500041 Invalid value for mandatory entity argument. Valid argument values are appnode and agent.
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-500042 Nothing to restore. Either agent [{0}] does not exist or the agent is not part of the domain [{1}]
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-500043 Failed to configure bwagent, <CausedBy> {0} Check with the Administration Guide for the supported configuration properties for bwagent and bwadmin.
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-500100 Domain [{0}] does not exist
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-500101 Domain [{0}] already exists in the datastore
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-500102 Failed to create Domain [{0}], {1}
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-500103 Domain home folder [{0}] does not exist. Verify if the folder is present and use forward slash in the folder path
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-500104 Failed to delete Domain [{0}], {1}
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-500130 No matching Domain found
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-500131 Failed to delete BW Agent [{0}], <CausedBy> {1}
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-500132 Failed to unregister BW Agent [{0}] from the AppSpace [{1}]. <CausedBy> {2}
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-500201 AppSpace [{0}] not found in Domain [{1}]
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-500202 AppSpace [{0}] already exists in Domain [{1}]
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-500203 Failed to create AppSpace [{0}] in Domain [{1}], {2}
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-500204 AppSpace [{0}] already exists with BW Agent [{1}]
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-500205 Failed to delete AppSpace [{0}] from Domain [{1}], {2}
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-500210 AppSpace [{0}] in Domain [{1}] could not be started, {2}
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-500211 AppSpace [{0}] in Domain [{1}] could not be stopped, {2}
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-500212 AppSpace [{0}] in Domain [{1}] does not have any AppNodes.
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-500213 Failed to export configuration from AppSpace [{0}] and Domain [{1}] , {2}
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-500214 AppSpace [{0}] in Domain [{1}] does not have configuration.
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-500215 Configured AppSpace [{0}] in Domain [{1}]. Restart AppSpace to apply changes.
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-500216 Configuration of AppSpace [{0}] in Domain [{1}] failed, {2}
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-500217 Exported configuration from AppSpace [{0}] and Domain [{1}] to [{2}]
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-500218 The minNodes configuration value for an AppSpace has to be at least 1.
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-500219 The minNodes configuration argument is invalid. Valid argument are Integer values greater than 0.
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-500230 No matching AppSpace found
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-500231 Failed to restore AppSpace [{0}].
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-500232 Failed to restore AppSpace on [{0}] <CausedBy> {1}
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-500233 Restore failed.
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-500244 Nothing to restore. Either agent [{0}] does not exist or the agent is not part of the AppSpace [{1}]
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-500300 AppNode [{0}] not found in AppSpace [{1}] in Domain [{2}]
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-500301 AppNode [{0}] already exists in the AppSpace [{1}] in Domain [{2}]
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-500302 Failed to create AppNode [{0}] in AppSpace [{1}] in Domain [{2}], {3}
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-500303 Start AppNode [{0}] in Domain [{1}] timed out
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-500304 AppNode [{0}] in Domain [{1}] did not start, {2}
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-500305 AppNode [{0}] in Domain [{1}] did not stop, {2}
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-500306 Failed to delete AppNode [{0}] in AppSpace [{1}] in Domain [{2}], {3}
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-500307 Stop AppNode [{0}] in Domain [{1}] timed out.
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-500308 Failed to obtain thread dump, {0}
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-500309 Failed to export configuration from AppNode [{0}] in AppSpace [{1}] in Domain [{2}], {3}
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-500310 AppNode [{0}] in AppSpace [{1}] in Domain [{2}] configured. Restart AppNode to apply changes.
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-500311 Configuration of AppNode [{0}] in AppSpace [{1}], Domain [{2}] failed, {3}
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-500312 Exported configuration from AppNode [{0}] in AppSpace [{1}], Domain [{2}] to [{3}]
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-500313 Failed to obtain Agent log file, {0}
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-500314 Failed to enable console on AppNode [{0}] in AppSpace [{1}] in Domain [{2}], {3}
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-500315 Failed to disable console on AppNode [{0}] in AppSpace [{1}] in Domain [{2}], {3}
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-500316 Failed to obtain AppNode log file, {0}
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-500317 Failed to disable debugger on AppNode [{0}] in AppSpace [{1}] in Domain [{2}], {3}
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-500331 The value of the {0} argument has to be a valid port number, valid range is [0-65335]
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-500330 No matching AppNode found
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-500400 The deployment artifact [{0}] supplied does not exist
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-500401 Application [{0}] is not present in the Domain [{1}], {2}
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-500402 Failed to deploy application from the archive [{0}], {1}
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-500403 Failed to undeploy application [{0}:{1}], <CausedBy> {2}
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-500404 The application [{0}] is in undeployed state
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-500405 The deployment artifact [{0}] supplied is not valid
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-500406 Failed to deploy hotfix to application [{0}:{1}]
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-500407 Version [{0}] is not valid. Only <major>.<minor> version format is supported.
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-500408 Delete ear file [{0}] failed.
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-500408 Failed to undeploy hotfix to application [{0}:{1}].
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-500409 Failed to start application [{0}:{1}]. <CausedBy> {2}
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-500410 Failed to stop application [{0}:{1}]. <CausedBy> {2}
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-500411 Failed to export Profile [{0}] from the Archive [{1}], {2}
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-500412 Failed to export configuration from application [{0}:{1}] , {2}
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-500413 Failed to obtain metrics. <CausedBy> {0}
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-500414 Deployed application from the archive [{0}], however not all application instances started. <CausedBy> {1}
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-500415 Failed to configure application [{0}:{1}], {2}
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-500416 Failed to pause application [{0}:{1}]. <CauseBy> {2}
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-500417 Failed to resume application [{0}:{1}]. <CauseBy> {2}
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-500418 The directory [{0}] provided for option [-dir] does not exist, provide a valid directory.
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-500419 Failed to start process starters of application [{0}:{1}], <CausedBy> {2}.
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-500420 Failed to stop process starters of application [{0}:{1}], <CausedBy> {2}.
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-500421 Profile file [{0}] does not exist
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-500430 No matching Application found
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-500431 Failed to upload the ear file [{0}].
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-500432 Failed to upload ear file [{0}] to some machines in the domain.
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-500433 Failed to upload archive [{0}], <CausedBy> {1}.
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-500434 Failed to delete archive [{0}], <CausedBy> {1}.
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-500435 Failed to delete ear file [{0}] from some machines in the domain.
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-500436 Failed to restore application [{0}] on Agent [{1}], <CausedBy> {2}
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-500437 Failed to restore application [{0}].
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-500438 The application [{0}] from archive [{1}] has been deployed to these AppSpaces: {2}
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-500439 Applications are out of sync with the archive they were deployed from, They have to be re-deployed to keep them in sync.
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-500440 Failed to enable debug port on AppNode[{0}] in AppSpace[{1}] in Domain[{2}], <CausedBy> {3}
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-500501 Name contains invalid characters and does not comply with naming conventions. Valid characters are upper and lower case characters of the alphabet as well as digits, ‘.’ and ‘-‘. Use only valid characters in a name.
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-500502 Name length exceeds 100 characters and it will be truncated to satisfy the length limit Use less than 100 character for the name.
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-500503 Name contains invalid characters that have been removed to comply with naming conventions.\nAllowed characters are upper and lower case characters of the alphabet as well as digits, ” “, “.” and “-“.\nName has been changed to [{0}]. Use only valid characters for the name.
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-500504 Failed to register TEA Agent [{0}] with TEA server, <CausedBy> {1}
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-500505 Failed to disable auto registration with TEA server, <CausedBy> {0}
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-500506 Successfully disabled auto registration with TEA server
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-500507 Failed to enable auto registration with TEA server, <CausedBy> {0}
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-500508 Successfully enabled auto registration with TEA server
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-500630 No matching Archive found to restore
TIBCO-BW-ADMIN-CLI-000001 BW6_INFR_UNEXP_EXCP_FORMAT = {0} Internal product defect. Contact TIBCO support.