BwAgent Error Codes


BwAgent Error Codes

Questa sezione elenca i messaggi di errore che possono essere segnalati da bwagent.

Error Codes     

Error Message

Error Resolution

BW6_ADMIN_AGENT_CONNECTION_FAILED = Connection to BW Agent failed.
BW6_ADMIN_AGENT_DATA_STORE_LOCATION_INVALID = bwagent.ini configuration error.[{0}] does not exist.
BW6_ADMIN_AGENT_READ_TIMEOUT = bwagent.ini configuration error. read timeout is invalid
BW6_ADMIN_AGENT_WRITE_TIMEOUT = bwagent.ini configuration error. write timeout is invalid
Failed to execute query on Space [{0}] with given parameters
BW6_ADMIN_AGENT_NOT_READY = bwagent is not ready or the the existing connection to the bwagent is stale. Re-try the command, if the problem persists, restart the process and try again.
BW6_ADMIN_AGENT_DATABASE_DRIVER_INVALID = bwagent.ini configuration error.[{0}] is invalid.
Please change the field in BW_HOME/config/bwagent.ini file. Example: com.mysql.jdbc.Driver
BW6_ADMIN_AGENT_DATABASE_CONNECTION_INVALID = bwagent.ini configuration error.[{0}] is invalid.
BW6_ADMIN_AGENT_DATABASE_CONNECTION_INVALID.resolution = Please change the field in BW_HOME/config/bwagent.ini. Example: jdbc:mysql://<HOST>:<PORT>/<DB>
BW6_ADMIN_AGENT_DATABASE_DRIVER_MISSING = The [{0}] database driver is missing.
The PostgreSQL driver is available by default. To use MySQL, download the JDBC driver to the BW_HOME/system/lib folder.
BW6_ADMIN_AGENT_DATABASE_SQL_EXECUTION_FAILED = Failed to execute query on database with given parameters. [{0}]
Please search online for database connection problems.
BW6_ADMIN_AGENT_DATABASE_SQL_FILE_INVALID =SQL script file is not found or invalid for creating database structure.
Contact TIBCO Support.
BW6_ADMIN_AGENT_CONFIGURATION_MISSING = bwagent.ini configuration error. [{0}] is missing.
Please check about “configuring bwagent for Database/EMS”.
Invalid query. Mandatory argument(s) are missing. Contact TIBCO Support.
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