Beep CodeDescriptionSolution
1 Short BeepDRAM Refresh FailureRAM is most probably damaged and Needs Replacement
2 Short BeepParity ErrorDisable the Memory ECC in CMOS Setting. Also, It is not recommended as the ECC Check ensures the stability of the computer
3 Short BeepBase 64K (First Bank) Memory FailureRAM Module needs Replacement
4 Short BeepSystem Timer FailureRepair or replace the motherboard
5 Short BeepProcessor ErrorCPU Needs Replacement but there is also a possibility of CPU Socket Problem. Further, the motherboard can also be faulty.
6 Short BeepKeyboard Controller Gate A20 FailurePlug the Keyboard. If still error occurs then try a good keyboard otherwise there is a problem with Keyboard Control Chip or related parts.
7 Short BeepVirtual Mode Processor Exception Interrupt ErrorMost probably, it is the motherboard’s fault so go for its repair or replacement.
8 Short BeepDisplay Memory Read/Write ErrorGPU’s Memory Chip is damaged. If it is pluggable, then finding and replacing the bad chip will remove the problem. Otherwise, the GPU needs to be repaired or replaced.
9 Short BeepROM Checksum ErrorTry to change to a good BIOS of same type. If the problem is with BIOS, then recover it by rewriting or even hot swapping will also work.
10 Short BeepCMOS Shutdown Register Read/Write ErrorReplace CMOS battery, or repair motherboard
11 Short BeepCache Error/L2 Cache BadGo to repair shop
1 Long and 3 Short BeepsConventional/Extended Memory FailureThe motherboard memory is faulty and needs to be repaired.
1 Long and 8 Short BeepsDisplay/Retrace Test FailedVideo Card is faulty. Reseating or Moving it to another slot can help.
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