Beep CodeDescriptionSolution
1 Short BeepNormal System BootDoesn’t require any solution as everything is fine.
2 Short BeepsGeneral ErrorEnter CMOS Setup and reset all the incorrect options.
1 Long and 1 Short BeepRAM or Motherboard ErrorTry another RAM module. Still not working? Then replace or repair the motherboard.
1 Long and 2 Short BeepsWrong Display or Video CardTry plugging the compatible Display or Video Card
1 Long and 3 Short BeepsKeyboard Controller ErrorCheck the Keyboard Control Chip on the motherboard
1 Long and 9 Short BeepsMotherboard’s Flash RAM or EPROM is Wrong and BIOS is damaged also.Changing the RAM can help with this problem.
Continuous Beep (Long Beep)RAM Module isn’t detected as it is not inserted tightly or is damaged.Re-inserting the RAM can help but if this trick doesn’t work then replace the RAM module.
Constantly BeepPower Supply, Monitor, or GPU isn’t properly connected.Re-plug all of them, properly. If still facing the same problem then check all the plugs are functioning.
Repeated Short BeepPower Supply ProblemReplace the Power Supply
No Sound and DisplayPower Supply ProblemReplace the Power Supply
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