Beep CodesDescriptionSolution
1 Short BeepLegacy Floppy Drive or CD/DVD ROM Not DetectedTry resetting the BIOS. If not work then, reconnect or replace these components.
2 Short BeepsFloppy Diskette or CD not detectedTry resetting the BIOS. If not work, then it is possible that the problem is with the component or CD/Floppy Disk you trying to insert.
3 Short BeepsUnable to Start Flashing (usually when a utility or BIOS Image is missing)Disconnect input devices (like mouse and keyboard) and then reboot the computer. If still facing the same issue, then repair or replace those input devices.
4 Short BeepsFlashing Failed (checksum error, corrupted image, etc.)Clean the RAM and its slots. If the problem still resists then reseat the memory.
5 Short BeepsBIOS Recovery SuccessfulReboot the System
1 Short and 1 Long Beep Memory ProblemReseat the RAM modules on slots. If the problem isn’t solved then go for a RAM replacement.
2 Short and 1 Long BeepVideo Card Required (not installed) or Unable to Initialize VideoMake sure that the RAM capacity installed is compatible with the CPU. Replace or Repair the CPU (Processor) if the problem doesn’t solve.
2 Short and 2 Long BeepsBIOS Recovery SuccessfulReboot the System
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