MSI Motherboard Error Codes List


Ecco l’elenco dei codici di errore della scheda madre MSI:

Code  Error Troubleshoot
1 short beepSystem boot successfullyNo troubleshoot needed
2 short beepCMSO setup issueDo a clear CMOS
3short beepBase 64k RAM failureFirst, remove the newly installed memory and reseat it. Then reboot your computer 2 to 3 times that does not work; you can try reinstalling other memories and rebooting your computer.
4 short beepSystem time failureRight-click on the Windows button and click on the Control Panel. Find the Date and Time and click on it. Click on Internet Time then click on Change Setting. Check the box next to Synchronize with an internet time server. Click on the down arrow and choose a time server – you can choose Microsoft Time Server or another server. Follow that with Update Now to synchronize. Click on OK to close the window.
5short beepProcessor failureCheck your motherboard for physical damage or clean the dust and dirt. You can also troubleshoot the processor if that does not work.
6 short beepKeyboard controller Gate A20 errorIf the computer is on, turn it off. Disconnect the keyboard from your PC and check the pins on the keyboard connector. If the pins are bent, straighten them and connect the keyboard again. If that fails, the keyboard hardware may be having some issues7 short beeps Virtual mode exception error Troubleshoot the motherboard or processor or both8 short beeps Display memory read/write test failure Check the video card to see if it sits correctly and tries to install it properly. Also, check if the memory is physically damaged9 short beeps ROM BIOS checksum failure Check the BIOS ROM on the motherboard. If the BIOS ROM is problematic, you can change it or change your motherboard completely
10 short beepCMOS shutdown read/write errorTroubleshoot the motherboard by checking the BIOS UEFI for accuracy. Also, check the power supply to the motherboard and the memory chip11 short beeps Cache memory error Try to reseat the CPU and check for overheating. Make sure the CPU cooling system is working perfectly. If that fails to work, try the motherboard with another compatible CPU.
1 long beep followed by 3 short beepsKeyboard not detected or keyboard errorTroubleshoot your keyboard. Check the pins on the connector to confirm they are okay. If they are bent, straighten them and if they are broken, replace the connector.
Fast short beepsFeeding issuesCheck the PSU
A continuous and constant short and long beepsCPU issuesCheck and reseat your CPU
2-tone sirenVoltage level problem or low CPU fan speedCheck if the right level of voltage is getting into the motherboard. Also, check if the fan is not clogged by dirt
1 long beep followed by 8 short beepsDisplay/retrace test failureCheck and reset the video card 1 long beep followed by 9 short beeps BIOS ROM error Apply BIOS update to fix it or reduce the CPU voltage level Constant short beeps RAM error Set default or conservative RAM setting. Replace RAM modules. Apply BIOS update. Reduce the voltage level.
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